They Try To Rob With A Knife

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Police officers took hold of three suspects after a failed robbery. And according to police reports, one more suspect is still on the loose.

The incident happened at around 2 pm in one clinic located in Taman Connaught, Cheras. According to Cheras police reports, four teenagers entered the clinic, declared robbery and asked the doctor, his wife and the clinic staff for cash. Armed with a knife, one of the teenagers charged at the doctor’s wife that resulted to a hand injury.

The robbery became unsuccessful when the doctor fought back. When that happened, the teenagers fled. The knife used to threaten the victims was left on the scene.

Knives usage is documented to as early as the Paleolithic era. During those times, early inhabitants of the earth made used of wood as their knife. And after some time, they went to using rocks. The wood became un-useful because of its properties that ancient people used stones instead. Knives during those times were made out of stones and selected animal bones. Ancient people used the technique of shaping the stones and the bones so that it will have edges - similar to the knife’s blade nowadays.

5000 years ago, when metallurgy was advancing, wood, stones and bones were replaced by bronze, copper, iron and steel. And today, the whole populace enjoys the many benefits of knives with little or even no worries at all in terms of being handy and durable as compared to the ancient knives.

Knives can be classified into four types: there are knives as weapon, knives as utensils, knives as tools and knives as traditional or religious implement. Perhaps the earliest known usage of knives is as a weapon. It can be noted that during the earliest times when guns and swords are not yet developed, our ancestors defended their lives and properties to other tribes and wild animals as well. Today, knives are still being used as a weapon. Guns and rifles of the soldiers have knives attached to it. It is just saddening that some people also uses knives to inflict harm and cause destruction to properties and lives as well.

Another uses of knives is in culinary and religious implements. Because knives still has blades that can cause harm, whether intentional or otherwise, it is best to use them with care. As for knives as tool, one example of it is the old bowie knife. This large knife is a good tool. There are even bowie knife for sale deals on the market.

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They Try To Rob With A Knife

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This article was published on 2009/09/08