Hunting With Gerber Knives

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Gerber knives are probably the best hunting knives in today's modern era. Setting the bar for innovative as well as cutting edge technology when it comes to their products, Gerber Legendary Blades has made it clear what camping and hunting would be like without one of their knives in hand. You'd be surprised to know that their largest customer happens to be the United States Government. From the Marines, to the Army, and to the National Guard, these knives are the standard issues. Even the Air Force and Navy thinks that they are highly useful. If you're still not convinced, then read on further details.

A Quick History

It all started around the year 1910, when Joseph Gerber mailed to clients twenty-four sets of handmade knives for kitchen use around the holiday season of that year. These early Gerber knives became a big hit. Abercrombie & Fitch was one of those excited companies who ordered more of these same knives so that they could sell them in their catalog around the year 1939. Thus, Gerber Legendary Blades was born. Currently, the company is now under the parental wing of Fiskars and is estimated as the 2nd largest producer of multi-tools in the US alone.

The Benefits

There are many advantages when you choose these kinds of knives. Aside from having modern technological advances integrated into them, they are manufactured with the sense of reliable old-school technology that makes them work with extreme effectiveness. Below are some prime reasons why a Gerber knife can be beneficial to you especially during the hunting season.

• Proven Durability. You can trust this knife to do its job well because of its long lasting endurance and resistance to weather. Most knock-offs tend to break down easily so buying a knife that you can trust in critical moments will serve you well.

• Bargain Price. It's not that expensive. Think about it. Why would you buy an extremely expensive hunting knife that's merely hyped up in the market when you can simply buy one that's cheaper and still have superior quality?

• Flexible Performance. Most designs of Gerber Legendary Blades have flexible and multifaceted capabilities. Most of them have serrated edges that you can saw through things with it like small branches or medium sized ones. The various designs all have flexibility, but they have differing prices. The costs are still reasonable, though.

• Ease and Size. A Gerber knife is known for its small features and ease of use. Though certainly not recommended for children, a knife like this is used by most FBI or normal local police forces because they can be handy in public places such as sawing through thick ropes or such. Also, they can be concealed easily.

For more than 70 years now, Gerber Legendary Blades has been efficient at producing quality knives that any normal hunter, camper, hiker, or military personnel can be proud of. Owning one of their knives can be either a life saver for you during camping trips (or other endeavors) or just a simple and yet effective convenience multi-tool. Try buying any one of these Gerber knives now and see for yourself the real reason why they're still popular.

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Gerber Knives are the perfect knives to take with you on your next hunting, fishing or camping adventure.

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Hunting With Gerber Knives

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This article was published on 2010/04/02