Hot Lighters and Sharp Knives

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A lighter and a knife have very little in common. On a UK website called Lightertek, they are the prominent items sold. Lightertek is a top European dealer of such well-known names as Cold Steel and Spyderco knives and the popular Zippo lighters. They sell them at reasonably low prices to industry people and everyday folks who enjoy camping and hunting.

Their zippo lighters come in all different designs from brand names like Harley Davidson and Jack Daniels to musical artists like KISS and AC/DC. Ladies shouldn't feel left out because they sell ones that cater to females.  And if plain suits you, then you should check out Lightertek's classic style in brass or black.

Zippo lighters are refillable and made of metal. They are perfect to use in rainy or windy weather because they stay lit until finished with use, unlike most standard lighters. You can also buy zippo accessories such as pouches to hold them in, fuel and fuel canisters, and flints. The cheap, plastic lighters you buy in convenience stores are only used until the fuel runs out and are easily lost or misplaced. Zippo lighters can be used for a long time and just need to be re-filled from time to time.

In addition to zippo lighters, Lightertek also sells cold steel knives. These knives come in two forms, fixed blade or folding. Lightertek proudly sells the strongest hunting, tactical, bowie, outdoor, military and combat knives available. Cold steel folding knives are generally a little slimmer and lighter in weight. However, both of these knife styles are designed to be tough with sharp cutting ability.

One such knife, the Pendleton Hunter cold steel is considered one of the more popular knives on the market. The Pendleton Lite Hunter, which is newer but still part of the Pendleton family, has a fixed blade and comes with its own black sheath. Made from Krupp stainless steel, this hunting knife is perfect for hunting and skinning because of its edge and drop point blade.

Another well-known knife brand is Spyderco, which Lightertek sells along with their sharpeners, also at reasonable rates. Spyderco designs are simple, reliable and ergonomic for ease in grip and use. Law enforcement and military personnel along with private citizens use these. Choose from an array of different knife styles and accessories like pocket clips. These knives are excellent for use in tactical or self-defense purposes.

Make sure to visit us if you would like to know more about the zippo lighters uk and cold steel knives.

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Hot Lighters and Sharp Knives

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This article was published on 2011/01/03