A Brief Look at Knife Collecting

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To the average person, knives generally are not thought of as collectibles. Such a notion ignores a great deal of history. After all, there have been a significant number of knives produced throughout the centuries. The production of them has brought a multitude of styles that are treasured by many collectors. While a comprehensive listing of the many different types of knives would be prohibitive, a brief overview of the most commonly collected knives is provided.

Pocketknives - Without a doubt, these are probably the most collectibles knives of all. Mainly, this is because the sheer variety of pocket knives produced over the years has been vast. In general, a pocket knife is any small folding knife that can be easily stored in the pocket. These knives can be used for hunting, fishing, construction work duties, self-protection, and pretty much anything else one can think. Again, such diversity has produced many amazing varieties over the years and this means there is no shortage of knives for collectors to acquire.

Throwing Knives - While it is true that a talented knife thrower can play target practice with virtually any knife he wishes, there are certain knives that are specifically produced for throwing. The unique design of these allows them to sail through the air in a more efficient manner. This aids the accuracy of the knives significantly. Of course, there have also been many uniquely designed and rare throwing knives produced over the years. Such knives are prized by collectors and can command high prices.

Daggers - Daggers are long knives that are commonly associated with the ancient world and the Middle Ages. However, a "sharp" knife collector knows that there are many daggers produced this very day. Some of these daggers have special designs that aid in their collectability. These are the knives that can attract the attention of discriminating knife collectors.

Foreign Knives - Different cultures have produced many different knives. Traditional Spanish knives are much different than traditional Italian knives. Now, if you were to go into Indonesia, you would discover some very interesting curved knives designed to deal with the dense jungle of the region. Actually, there are untold thousands of knives that have been produced throughout the years in different cultures. And, yes, many of these knives are desired by collectors.

Military Knives - Whether it is a modern Army utility knife, a Special Forces survival knife, or an old World War One style bayonet, many people treasure their military heritage through collecting military style knives. Some of these knives make unique display items since they are uniquely crafted. As a result, this adds to their collectability.

There are many other types of knives that people collect. This is just a brief overview. So, if you wish to become a new knife collector or, perhaps, you are a long time knife collector looking to expand your horizons, there are many more doors open to you. Yes, knife collecting is an expansive venture. That is why so many enjoy it.

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You might think knife collecting is only for boys, but men and women of all ages take an interest in Collectables Knives It does not take much to become interested - one special buck knife can lead you down the path to becoming a serious collector.

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A Brief Look at Knife Collecting

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This article was published on 2010/04/01